Our Goals


The vision of Haitian FREE Thinkers is to bring an “Enlightenment” period to the Haitian community.  We want an evidence-based approach to permeate throughout the culture.  In this way we hope Haitians will be frequent contributors of the worldwide community.

We would like Haiti to be the first and leading secular nation in the Caribbean.

This will be done by exposing and equipping as many people as possible with practical and accessible “thinking tools” that can be used by most people everyday.

Core Values

We encourage members to be open minded, fair, and respectful.  We believe that critical thinking, skepticism, and a positive disposition towards learning will benefit the Haitian community.

Mission Statement

Haitian FREE Thinkers is dedicated to promoting, embracing, and celebrating secular values in the Haitian community.

We strive to provide a positive place where irreligious people can seek refuge and be with like-minded individuals. Is it also our goal to communicate to our fellow Haitians and Non-Haitian citizens of the world our views on religion, superstition, and various other topics in a friendly and well-informed manner.

Finally, we will educate ourselves as best as we can to share vital, pertinent, and practical knowledge, information, and advice for those who need it most. We are non-sectarian by nature.

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