Carolyn’s Story

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After a sudden religious conversion in 2005, Carolyn Hyppolite became a zealot Catholic—going to daily mass, enrolling in a theology program, and even doing street evangelism. It was in the midst of a life packed with service to the Lord that she became increasingly aware of her emotional and intellectual dissatisfaction with the faith that she professed. Both her studies and her lived experience led her to conclude that the invisible deity she worshiped was absent. After eight years of struggling to maintain her faith, Carolyn Hyppolite walked away and wrote a personal account of her journey. Her book, “Still Small Voices” is a frank, personal account of a young woman’s struggle to have a personal relationship with Jesus and the freedom she discovered when she gave up on God. This book is a mixture of personal testimony, analysis, and arguments. In her reflection, she recounts stories of particular moments during her eight-year experience as a Christian when she found herself hearing another “still small voice,” the voice of reason, which constantly whispered that something about the Biblical worldview does not add up. Throughout the book, she records her efforts to ignore and suppress that voice and how ultimately, she had to relent.

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