Réginald’s Story

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Réginald was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He moved to Miami a few years after Baby Doc was overthrown in 1986.  His family was Catholic in Haiti but his mother started attending Protestant Baptist churches in South Florida.  Réginald had the innate quality of a critical thinker even as a child.  He would question things that did not make sense in his mind but rarely expressed them out loud because of fear of retribution.

He eventually gave his life to Jesus around 16 years old after pressure from a pastor and reading a Jack Chick cartoon pamphlet.  He joined the Florida Army National Guard right before graduating high school to pay for college.  He eventually found himself deployed in Iraq in 2003.  It was then that he decided to read his Bible in its entirety in the hopes to find out the details of what would happen after he died.

After returning to the United States he asked to speak to his pastor about all the disturbing things that he learned from reading the Bible.  The pastor was not as familiar with the issues of land theft and genocide that bothered Réginald as he had hoped.  Shocked and dismayed Réginald continued to do research on his own.

In August 2009 after doing everything he could to keep his faith he accepted that he had become an atheist.  He started “Haitian FREE Thinkers” in January of 2012 after going to a local atheist conference.

Réginald is married to Valerie and they have 3 kids.

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