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As the saying goes “a man is the product of his environment.”

I was born and raised in Haiti in a Christian environment, so I had no choice but to believe in Jesus of Nazareth as my personal Savior. If I were born and raised in Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan, I would have believed in the prophet Muhammad, and identified as a Muslim. I spent most of my life preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to my friends and relatives. In 2006, I even traveled all the way to India on a mission to convert Hindus to Christianity. In 2012, I put faith aside and began to use reason as I re-read the entire bible.That’s when I realized that my biblical belief completely failed the scientific method test. For the first time in my life, I had the strongest doubt about my Christian faith. The more I read about all the savage genocides ordered by God in the Old Testament and the planetary genocides the same God promised to future generations in the New Testament just because they don’t believe in Jesus, the more I could not equate such sadism and mania to love. I concluded that the slogan “God is love” was pure nonsense. My doubt grew and grew to the point I stopped going to Church and listening to a delusional pastor regurgitating “God loves you” every Sunday morning. The pastor does not realize that God also solemnly promised to slaughter everyone who doesn’t reciprocate his conditional love. Then I read “The God Delusion” written by Richard Dawkins. Before I was half way through that book, I became a de-facto atheist. I have never looked back ever since. ¬†

I would advise every human being to have “The God Delusion” in their bucket list. My personal experience is that atheism produces an ineffable joy in my life. I have complete peace of mind and am able to appreciate diversity like never before. Atheism cured me of my homophobia. I love gay people just like I love everyone else without passing judgment. My love for all people has exponentially increased. Until the existence of the God hypothesis scores 100% on the scientific method test, I will always be a proud atheist. I believe that atheism can instantly end almost all the wars in the world and truly make the world a better place for all generations to come. There is no known God. There are only a bunch of religions and delusional believers. These are facts of life, like it or not.

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