I can live a more fulfilled and meaningful life without any god(s).  I promote love and inclusion instead of division and hate.  Religion is known to be a major cause of fear, strife, pain, and wars.  As Haitians we should be more thankful to people like Jean-Jacques Dessalines and Toussaint L’Overture than Abraham and Jesus.

Valerie Bnme Co-Founder, Haitian FREE Thinkers

Reading the Bible is the single most important reason that I became an atheist.  I promote Biblical literacy because it will either cause more people to become atheist or show believers why atheists reject the stories.  I hope the benefits of facts, logic, and reason will be embraced by as many Haitians as possible.

Réginald Bien-Aimé Founder, Haitian FREE Thinkers

I highly value freethinking and I love being part of HFT.
My dream is the see more secular fellow Haitians (or any other nation) getting together to inspire others and showing what reason can achieve.

Loobee Senecharles Musician, Chillaxx

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